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LYNX-DEV lynx to graphics

From: DNRC ACIC and SACEO of obscure acronyms, FFTG of STUPID
Subject: LYNX-DEV lynx to graphics
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 14:40:59 -0600 (CST)

X-URL: X-Mailer: Lynx, Version 2.5FM X-Personal_name: Eric King X-From: address@hidden Sorry about that last message, hit the wrong key. My question is this, and forgive me if I'm coming to the wrong place, are there any known programs out there for dos,windows,or unix/linux that can utilize lynx to give graphical views of web pages rather than text only. Don't get me wrong, I think Netscape is fast becoming as bad as microsoft, wanting to run things *their* way. But I have dial-up access to a VAX/VMS system through my university with lynx as the available browser, text only. Graphics usually only increase load time, but if I need to downloaded several pictures, or if a page I need to see isn't text friendly it's troublesome to downloaded all the files and graphics necessary for the page then transfer them to my computer, load netscape (yes, I unfortunately have a copy installed on my computer) and then look at them. If I could install some program on my computer to send commands through my modem to lynx such as "lynx -source http://some.domain/somefile.html" and then capture the text it would be possible to have a psuedo-browser with the fancy look of netscape. This command line option even seems to have been created for such a purpose. I have for some time considered writing such a program myself, but I realized I know far too little about modem communications, graphics files, etc. so I would really be happy if someone's already done the job for me. thanks, Eric King [~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] [ "May the grace of the Lord Jesus ] [ Christ, and the Love of God, ] [ and the fellowship of the Holy ] [ Spirit be with you all." ] [ 2 Corinthians 13:14 ] [ -NIV- ] [_____________________________________] ; ; To UNSUBSCRIBE: Send a mail message to address@hidden ; with "unsubscribe lynx-dev" (without the ; quotation marks) on a line by itself. ;
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