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Re: LYNX-DEV Accept-Encoding: gzip, compress

From: Hynek Med
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Accept-Encoding: gzip, compress
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 23:11:05 +0100 (MET)

On Sat, 22 Mar 1997, Klaus Weide wrote:

> On Sat, 22 Mar 1997, Foteos Macrides wrote:
> > Hynek Med <address@hidden> wrote:
> > >If I understand it right, lynx can negotiate sending compressed data with
> > >the http server. Does anybody know of a server which supports this, so I
> > >can try it? 
> [These comments in addition to what Fote wrote]
> Lynx has been sending "Accept-Encoding: gzip, compress" or (earlier)
> "Accept-Encoding: x-gzip, x-compress" headers to all HTTP servers for a
> long time, so in a sense you *have* been testing this.  Of course (as Fote
> points out) this is not really negotiation. 

BTW, is this meant for HTML at all, as I originally thought? I looked at
the page Klaus mentioned, and set up my old Apache (1.0) to encode .html
with gzip, but it doesn't send the HTML document gzipped, as I would
expect, it rather sends the raw HTML document, and lynx complains it can't
gunzip it. Documents such as index.html.gz work right - downloaded,
gunzipped and then HTML rendered.

I downloaded new apache (1.2b7), and it behaves the same. Furthermore if I
tell it to add the gzip encoding for both .gz and .html, it makes from 
a .html.gz file these headers: 

Content-Type: text/html
Content-Encoding: gzip, gzip

And sends the gzipped file..


Hynek Med, address@hidden

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