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From: Jonathan Sergent
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 17:34:00 -0500

[Note:  I'm replying to this since I happen to read the developer's 
        mailing list and I'm local to the poster's location.]

address@hidden writes:
 ] I have been refused access to some web  sites with a message that I am not
 ] using the appropriate browser (?). Any suggestions or help sites?

The version of Lynx installed on Omni is 2.5.

Newer versions of Lynx have features that will let you see more pages.

PUCC (the computing center) does not upgrade software during the 
semester as a matter of policy, but they ought to upgrade to the 
newest version between semesters.  You should ask them to do so, 
in any case.  Type `trouble' at your prompt and then choose 
"Suggestion." Suggest that they upgrade Omni to the newest version 
of Lynx.

Hope this helps.

Jonathan Sergent / address@hidden / address@hidden
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