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LYNX-DEV: re neat anti-spam site.

From: David Combs
Subject: LYNX-DEV: re neat anti-spam site.
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 03:15:22 -0800

Received this from McLuhan mailing-list (yeah, off
subject, but I think we all want to know such stuff):

Peter Pan would not be pleased, but we ask you
all to take a moment and clap your hands if you
hate spammers as much as we do. While all
spammers lie -- that's why they're spammers --
the worst of the bunch was a spammer whose first
spam said "Our address would never be used again"
and then proceeded to send us additional spams
every day of the week! To the rescue comes the
GET THAT SPAMMER site created by an Australian
gentleman who hates spammers as much as we do
Using one of the tools on the site we were able
to get the phone number of the spammer. Even
though it was long distance, we called and told
him what we thought of him.

Hope this helps (g).
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