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Re: Lynx on DOS over modem link

From: Al Gilman
Subject: Re: Lynx on DOS over modem link
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 17:27:14 -0500 (EST)

  From: address@hidden

  In response to a request from someone who wanted to use lynx to dialup
  you told him not to bother doing it, that he would not like the result.

That was a while ago.  And he had a 286 and a 2400 baud modem, as
I recall.  A current scan of my FAQ will yield better news than
that.  [Even if that is still the answer I would give at 2400...]

  I still want to do this and have found no help in doing so.  I use 'real'
  lynx at work on a sparc and can use the port of 2.7 for dos at work with
  a direct connection, and i can use minuet and nettamer and doslynx at
  home through dialup, but i can't, with the same packet driver setup that
  works for minuet, nettamer, and doslynx, run lynx.  it seems to find the
  desired url after a long wait but whenever it tries to connect it returns
  a 'Unexpected network write error; connection aborted.' message.  This
  happens with any url:  my own, altavista, etc.  Has anyone made this work?
The networking setups on DOS are not so standardized as the WinSock
standard;  The packet driver that works for DosLynx won't work for
Lynx and vice versa.  [As I understand it; from me it's hearsay.]

However, I am sorry you are not finding any help.  Go from the
link on my FAQ page to Wayne Buttles's pages on the subject.
Search with '/' for DOS should get you to the link.  Then decide
whether you would rather have Bobcat because you have too little
computer to run the DJGPP port, or get the DJGPP port of Lynx 2.7
such as you have run at the office.

Depending on which of these routes you chose, you should take further
queries either to the doslynx-dev (for Bobcat) or lynx-dev mailing
lists, because I am lazy and haven't busted my knuckles on a DOS/PPP
installation yet.

But people have been successful in making it work.  Just in the last
few days we have had someone complaining that his Lynx on DOS handles
more URL varieties than the README admits.

You have to realize that this is a developmental version, and that
there are many wrinkles not yet worked out.  Getting the networking
under it so that it works is one of these areas; you have to be 
prepared to play network SysOp a bit until it is working.  But it
can be done.

Wayne will help you and will want to hear about problems, and I 
think that the preferred vehicle is the mailing lists.

Good Luck,

Al Gilman


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