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LYNX-DEV Wayne's Lynx ports and CP850 fullscreen/window?

From: Alan J. Flavell
Subject: LYNX-DEV Wayne's Lynx ports and CP850 fullscreen/window?
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 19:30:23 +0000

[please copy any discussion to me as I'm not on this list.  I'm emailing
to the list in accordance with the request in Wayne's documentation.  I
searched the archive but didn't find anything relating to this issue]

In Wayne's page:

it says:

| There is a better
| mode called "IBM PC codepage 850" but it takes a little bit of work and is
| for fullscreen mode ONLY.

Fullscreen mode only?  I can run the current Win32 Lynx version, and I
also have the Delorie 2.6 version, both configured in their
Options/Character set for CP850, and I'm getting the correct display from
both of them, in a Win'95 window as well as in fullscreen mode. 

Am I doing something right without realising it?  My config.sys


and my autoexec.bat loads nlsfunc, in addition to the items mentioned by
Wayne. But I don't really understand this stuff, so that might or might not
be relevant.   I know I've muddled around with this before, and I have
on occasion seen differences between window and fullscreen mode, but I
never tracked down the exact cause.

hope this helps somehow  ;-)
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