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Re: LYNX-DEV Bug in OSF ver 4.0

From: Michael Warner
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV Bug in OSF ver 4.0
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 16:49:49 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 28 Mar 1997, Duncan Hill wrote:

> On Fri, 28 Mar 1997, Rodney Raney wrote:
> > The following is an error meesage I get while trying to run "make osf".
> >    -I..  -c LYCurses.c
> > cc: Error: LYCurses.c, line 396: In this statement, "ttytype" is not
> > declared.
> >     if (strncmp((CONST char*)ttytype, "dec-vt", 6) == 0) {
> As stated in the Makefile :)
> # -DNO_TTYTYPE  if your system lacks the ttytype variable.
> Tack that on the list of make commands under the osf section, and see if
> it works.

I had the same problem, also on a DEC ALPHA OSF1 4.0 system.  I
grepped the entire source code for 'ttytype' and only found it in two
lines, the one mentioned above and another a few lines away in the
same file.  I figured it was a typo and changed both instances to,
IIRC, 'termtype', which also appeared in the vicinity and *was*
declared in some .h file or other.  It then compiled.  That was ver.
2.6, I believe, and my system upgraded to 2.7 a month or two ago, so I
haven't had to build my own copy since.

Disclaimer:  I took  one 'Intro to C' class >5 years ago, forgot most
of that, and have no idea what I'm doing where computers are involved.
Therefore, the above is merely relating experience, not offering

Michael Warner

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