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LYNX-DEV better ISMAP handling?

From: Bela Lubkin
Subject: LYNX-DEV better ISMAP handling?
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 01:34:56 -0800

Two suggestions regarding ISMAP images...

While searching for a company whose web site turned out to be perfectly
beautiful under Lynx, I ran into the following stinker:

Their home page reads:


Pretty darn useful (not).

Anyway, only the third [ISMAP] can actually be clicked.  It seems that
the first two are just <IMG ... ISMAP> tags, while the third is one of
those inside an <A HREF=...> </A> container.  And apparently (I didn't
check) those Other Browsers think that an <IMG ... ISMAP> all by itself
is a followable link.

Lynx users would be empowered if we could follow those too.

More importantly: at least in this example, the <IMG> tags included
WIDTH and HEIGHT modifiers.  So Lynx knows how big the images are
supposed to be.  Lynx users would be greatly empowered if, instead of
always sending "?0,0", they were allowed to enter a pair of coordinates.
I'm imagining a little question like:

  Link is 300 x 150 imagemap: send what coordinates [default 0,0]? _

or perhaps sometimes:

  Link is unknown size imagemap: send what coordinates [default 0,0]? _

I found the "?0,0" insertion code in WWW/Library/Implementation/HTAccess.c;
didn't feel qualified to mess with it.

[Suggestion, if someone does implement the idea: tell the user the size
of the image, but don't enforce it -- let me enter 400,760 at that
prompt.  Maybe I'll blow up the server, maybe I'll get something

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