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LYNX-DEV Fote mods

From: Foteos Macrides
Subject: LYNX-DEV Fote mods
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 20:43:26 -0500 (EST)

        I did some more tweaks of the FORM hack, plus other bug fixes
and enhancements of the vanilla v2.7.1 for use by me and others here
and by me in guest accounts, and so I got rid of the formhack.patch
and replaced it with a of replacement files in:

        The bug fixes and enhancements are described in a FOTEMODS
file (appended).

        I'm not keen on treating this as another BUGFIXES round
toward a v2.7.2 (rather than simply as modifications I've made
and offer publicly in compliance with the GNU GPL) now that the
devel code set(s) is(are) as far along as it(they) are.  The
currently active developers should feel no obligation to
incorporate my mods.  If it turns out that my mods are fully
compatible with the devel code set(s), and my mods are stable,
and formal release of the devel code is still a long way off,
and people want my mods released as a v2.7.2, that would be OK
with me, but let's just wait and see.


 Foteos Macrides            Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research
 address@hidden         222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

* Tweak to ensure that a newline isn't inserted by virtue of a
  FORM start tag if it's in the first line of a list element and
  no text precedes it other than a UL's bullet or OL's number
  on that line. -  FM
* Added pauses for the "Bad HTML" statusline messages under cases
  HTML_HTML and HTML_BODY in HTML_end_element(), and eliminated
  their checks for an unclosed FORM because we no longer expect
  that to cause a serious problem. - LE & FM
* Added a NO_ISMAP_IF_USEMAP configuration symbol and -ismap
  command line toggle for suppressing inclusion of a link for the
  server-side-image-map if an IMG or OBJECT element has both ISMAP
  and USEMAP attributes such that a client-side-image-map link is
  created.  Updated, lynx.hlp and Lynx_users_guide.html
  accordingly. - FM
* Fixed a glitch in HText_endAnchor() of Gridtext.c which could
  cause dangling Anchors in LINKS_ARE_NUMBERED mode if the Anchor's
  content was handled in a manner which caused it to become zero
  length (e.g., due to an IMG element with ALT=""). - FM
* Moved the check for NEWS_POSTING to case 'N' in LYReadCFG.c
  (was in case 'I', ugh). - FM
* Typo fixes for the comment concerning NO_ANONYMOUS_EMAIL in
  userdefs.h - NHE & FM
* Use a generic test for a non-SGML_EMPTY element for bypassing the
  stack pop in HTML_end_element() of HTML.c instead of an explicit
  test for HTML_FORM. - KW
* Handle invalidly interdigitated container elements or spurious
  container end tags without substitutions of "expected" FORM end
  tags by the SGML.c stack-based parser, and without messing up the
  HTML.c stack-based parser.  Reliably succeeds in not closing FORMs
  before all of the FORM elements, including submit buttons, have
  been processed.  Should be reasonably crash safe (hopefully as
  safe as the vanilla v2.7.1), but there are no guarantees. - FM
---  Release of Lynx2-7 + BUGFIXES as Lynx v2.7.1 (April 4, 1997)   ---
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