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Re: LYNX-DEV re: your lynx support

From: Jim Dennis
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV re: your lynx support
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 09:16:38 -0800

>> My terminal doesn't naturally wrap, so I'll make this brief.
>> Thanks for making my life simpler and faster. Lynx is the coolest, and 
>> apparently
>> I'm a linux newbie extremely impressed with my new universe.
>> Thank you for helping to make it possible.
>          Lynx is not a Linux specific phenonmenon.  Indeed we
>          Linux users have the rare advantage of Netscape support
>          for our particular OS choice -- which which is not 
>          enjoyed by many of the other Unix variants in the world.
>          I'd guess that Grail (a Python based web browser) or
>          TkWWW (a TCL/Tk based one) would be much better contenders
>          in the "most obscure" category.
> But Net$cape doesn't come with sourcecode, and it doesn't run on the virtual
> console. Lynx and emacs-w3 are the only ones that satify these criteria.
> Klaus Schilling

        Although these are valid enough comments -- I don't see what they are 
        intended to refute.  When you initiate a reply with "But..." I expect
        that you intend to disagree with something.

        I wasn't saying that Netscape is "better" than Lynx (or emacs' w3)
        simply that Lynx and Linux are co-incidental.  For users of many 
        other OS' Lynx is the only viable choice they have -- they don't
        have Navigator or IE -- and the company each of these have made a 
        concerted effort to make large parts of "the web" inaccessible to
        anyone whose not "blessed" with their binaries.  (Granting that MS
        is the far more restrictive of these two -- since they promised 
        Unix/Linux versions and never delivered them).

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