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LYNX-DEV scrollok and lynx_force_repaint

From: John E. Davis
Subject: LYNX-DEV scrollok and lynx_force_repaint
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 15:42:44 -0500

I finally upgraded from ac-24 to the latest development version today.
Unfortunately, I was disappointed to see that the screen needlessly
gets repainted.  For example, connect to and change from a web search to a
usenet search.  When the box disappears, the screen will repaint

This stems from a call to `scrollok'.  The man page for this says:

     With the clearok() routine, if enabled  (bf  is  TRUE),  the
     next  call  to  wrefresh()  with  this window will clear the
     screen completely and redraw the entire screen from scratch.
     This  is  useful  when the contents of the screen are uncer-
     tain, or in some cases for a more  pleasing  visual  effect.
     If  the  win  argument  to  clearok() is the global variable
     curscr(), the next call to wrefresh() with any window causes
     the screen to be cleared and repainted from scratch.

I can see no reason for the contents of the screen to be uncertain---
only the user can can make that judgement.  I can also assure you that
from what I have seen, the visual effect is far from pleasing.

So, what is the purpose of the function lynx_force_repaint (which
calls scrollok)?  In my opinion, it should be called only when the
user presses Ctrl-R or Ctrl-L.

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