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From: David Combs
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 07:34:57 -0800 (PST)

I imagine this is currently impossible to do,
since (I think) html is expanded on-the-fly,
with no remembered anything?

Anyway, when reading documentation, some of
these html-files ("pages" == whole files) are
VERY VERY LONG -- like 200 screens-worth or more.

Often you'd like to bounce back and forth between
two subjects, one on eg screen# (ie page-num, page
with small "p") 5, one on screen (page) 184, and
also one on page 85.  

Only way I know to do it is to download it from
my shell acct at netcom to my own computer and
load it into emacs or vi.  Cannot do it ON netcom
because (my problem) emacs and vi don't display
correctly there -- especially vi in vi-mode
(ok in ex-mode).

Anyway, might be nice if LYNX could do some of
this "intra-PAGE (ie intra html-file)" bookmarking,
OR even vi-like via single-char "registers", eg
register 1, 2, 3, a, b, ...

I don't know HOW you would remember the mark;
by line-number in original html (but that is nested,
and you cannot start in the middle of some nested
construct), or (better) by linenumber of GENERATED
ASCII FROM the html -- but that means either you
have to store the ascii (on disk?) or regenerate
the whole freaking thing each time.

What happens now when I hit B, to go back one 
screenful?  Whole think kept in core?

Anyway, would be useful, someday.  Please
someone add this to the (long) wish-list.


David Combs
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