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Re: LYNX-DEV How to get DJGPP to make sounds

From: Jeff Groves
Subject: Re: LYNX-DEV How to get DJGPP to make sounds
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 19:19:32

>You are using INT 7Ch. I have never heard of this interrupt service. It
>certainly isn't provided by the standard ROM BIOS or MS-DOS. Is there some

I realized that I was using a strange interrupt after I sent the message.
I got INT 7Ch from the documentation for the device I am porting LYNX to (an
RF barcode scanner gun that runs DOS).

I changed the calls to use the sound() function and now everything works

BTW, I need this capability to notify the user of input errors.  I've
modified LYNX to accept a <BEEP> tag that will cause the sound to be
generated.  I've also added an "FKEY=" attribute that you can use to
assign function keys to <a> links and to the SUBMIT and CANCEL buttons.
With this capability, I can assign function keys for each page "on-the-fly."
For example, <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT FKEY=F1> will cause the F1 key to trigger
a submit (just like clicking the mouse on SUBMIT).

This is part of commercial project that will use LYNX on a hand-held barcode 
scanner gun (wireless) to track the movement of items in a warehouse.  The
guns have a small screen (20 x 16 chars) to display prompts and accept

Normally, bar code guns must be reprogrammed when user input screen
changes are necessary. This is tedious and time-consuming.  Since
we're controlling all the screens by HTML, any screen changes are done on the
server.  It is not necessary to reprogram the guns if new input screens
are needed.

I don't know if these modifications are of general interest.  If they
are, I'll be glad to make them available.

Jeff Groves
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