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LYNX-DEV "sort -u" for L-cmd (sans "#...")

From: David Combs
Subject: LYNX-DEV "sort -u" for L-cmd (sans "#...")
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 13:16:18 -0800 (PST)

Actually, the first part of this msg should be
added to the documentation:

You have some page that is, say, a long faq,
but doesn't have the actual text in it, just
questions with the answers via links, and
you want to download the whole thing, but
maybe treelynx would get too much --

and besides treelynx gives you those horrible
filenames LNK00000000000000000000023.dat, etc.

Trick: use the "L" (list) command, showing all
the links mentioned by the page.

Then, from that, you can pick and choose easily.

Example of output:

     * [60]
     * [61]
     * [62]
     * [63]
     * [64]
     * [65]
     * [66]
     * [67]
     * [68]
     * [69]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q34
     * [70]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q35
     * [71]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q36
     * [72]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q37
     * [73]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q38
     * [74]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q39
     * [75]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q40
     * [76]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q41
     * [77]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q42
     * [78]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q43
     * [79]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q44
     * [80]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q45
     * [81]in JavaBeans FAQ: InfoBus - Q46
     * [82]
     * [83]
     * [84]
     * [85]
     * [86]
     * [87]

So, you can click on say 64, and get ...html#Q47.

Well (please, this is NOT a lynx BUG!!!  Is a lynx FEATURE)
you get not only just $Q47, but the whole darn thing --
ALL the parts of that .html-file.

So, when you do "p" (print), and hit the first option,
save to disk, and it shows that filename, just
backspace over the $Q47 to get the name right.



Now, note that (well, you can't see it in the slice above) the same
file can be listed several times, not just nicely sequetially
with all the same names together, but spread all over the place.

It would be nice to have a SECOND part of the "L" output
be sorted and uniqued BY NAME, plus, maybe, a THIRD part
(far smaller in the above case) with the "#<stuff>" removed.

THEN, it would be EASY to download just what you wanted,
without having to remember "did I download that one or not


Yet another huge benefit would be to have (on that L-page
only) a "m" (mark) command:
   m 24 87 76 34 87
and unmark "u": 
 (oops)  u 87
and then (sort of like emacs dired cmd, which I have
  only recently discovered, and find FANTASTIC)
the "p" command could download ALL of them --

or, maybe due to possible name-clashes or names-poorly-chosen,
it would show the list of the chosen files, (after downloading
them to "coded" names), whereby you could either accept
the given name, eg "faq", for one of the files, or
change it to something better, eg "beans-faq", and
then when you said "do it" it would rename all those
downloaded files to those names.

I don't know, maybe this part is stupid and undoable,
since you have to see the text in order to choose
a better download-name.

So this above idea is just to stimulate someone's more-intelligent
thinking than mine!


But the sort-uniq, and with and without the #stuff, would be
easy, and would be a BIG help.

Any comments or further ideas or modifications of all this
would be eagerly read.  (No, I am not a c programmer,
cannot just go do it myself, thanks...)<g>


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