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LYNX-DEV bookmark and chartrans: bug

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: LYNX-DEV bookmark and chartrans: bug
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 21:59:01 +0300 (MSK)

I have bookmark with META charset and it differ from display charset.
Then I save one more link with non-ASCII header -
new line saved in current display charset, but since META not changed
new entries gets unreadable.

I thing lynx should recreate the bookmark like "Lynx Visited Links"
but with META corresponded to the current display charset.
This may also be useful for upgrading of lead text.
* (chartrans) Write a META tag with the current display character sets to
  the files generated for Bookmarks, List, Info, History, and Visited Links
  pages, so title strings contained in those files will (hopefully) not
  get erroneously translated again.  Use new function add_META_charset_to_fd()
  in LUCharUtils for this purpose. - KW


* Modified the lead text created for bookmark files in LYBoomark.c so
  that it indicates that an editor can be used to delete or reorder
  the links, but that the format within lines should not be changed,
  nor other HTML markup added.  Note that the new lead text will be
  used only when new bookmark files are created via the 'a'dd bookmark
  link command.  A new bookmark file is not created if the one being
  sought already exists, so existing ones will still have the old
  lead text. - FM


    If you have old, pre-existing bookmark files from earlier versions of
    Lynx, those files may have to be updated.  Conversion may just consist
    of adding one META line near the top, or may require creating new book-
    mark files and editing in bookmarks from outdated files.

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