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Re: lynx-dev May 4th subscription instructions

From: Heather Stern
Subject: Re: lynx-dev May 4th subscription instructions
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 17:04:51 -0700 (PDT)

I ate the fortune cookie first, then read what Howard Kaikow wrote:
> What's the word on what lists/newsgroups will be available as of 4 May 1998?

Last I heard through paying daily attention to the lynx-dev list only:

> Will there be newsgroups?

        Not unless someone does an RFD for one.
        The process typically takes from a couple to several months.
        There are some good reasons against, among them:
          - we are already the lion in ...browsers.misc
          - encourages cross-postings, which are often junk
          - may(? probably *will*) subject us to spam

> Will there be a separate announce list?

        Barely considered, that means probably not.

> Will there be a separate "users" list?

        This was shot down; developers need the users to ask the questions
        here.  Active users joining the list sometimes become developers.
        Making them interact appears to be a Good Thing for the browser.

What you didn't ask, but neither did anyone else, was: 
        will there be a digest version of the list?

For completist's sake to anyone new, there is also a web version, which
several people use to access the list (I can see their X-URL headers):  

(looking for this meant I had to look at and follow --
 it mentions nothing about newsgroups.)

> At 11:21 PM 4/15/1998 -0500, Bob Izenberg wrote:
> >Please wait until 11:30 U.S./Central time on May 4th before sending ...

Cron jobs are your friend.  MS-Windows, the Plus! pack has a scheduler (and
cron has been very nicely ported to NT).  I dunno about other platforms.

> >If you wish to subscribe a different address than the one that you're
> >using to send your request, send the next two non-blank lines to
> >address@hidden :
> >
> >subscribe lynx-dev ADDRESS
> >end

What are the side effects of using a forwarding-alias name here, on our
future messages reaching the list properly?

Example (I'm not gonna do this myself, but it's illustrative):
        I have an account on, a side effect of being on the
        webmaster staff there.  I have it forwarding to my true address here
        (address@hidden).  For convenience because has a good 
        strong T1 connection, let's say I sign up using it.

        But, when I reply to the list, my mail would be from an unsubscribed
        account.  What is the path of my hypothetical reply back into the 
        main list after May 4?

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