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Re: Mailer Modularity (was Re: lynx-dev Attached files)

From: Jason F. McBrayer
Subject: Re: Mailer Modularity (was Re: lynx-dev Attached files)
Date: 06 May 1998 00:26:23 -0600

>>>>> "MW" == Michael Warner <address@hidden> writes:

MW> For instance, lynx passes along the whole mailto: URL, so I have
MW> to trim off the "mailto:"; and feed mutt just the address part.

Can you pass along such a script?  I've been wanting to use an
external for mailto:, but have been to lazy to write one myself (I
know, 3 lines of ksh using `cut' or 1 line of sed...)  More EXTERNAL
definitions in the sample lynx.cfg would be nice to have.

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