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Re: lynx-dev Can you help me please (fwd)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Can you help me please (fwd)
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 03:11:57 -0400 (EDT)

980510 Foteos Macrides commented on my criticism of one of his posts: 
> 980510 Philip Webb wrote:
>> whether or not this is fair, it's not very accurate.
>> i don't believe it's fair to expect any co-ordinator to keep in mind
>> all the oddities of all the platforms Lynx has been ported to;
>> the co-ordinator must be able to rely on communal expertise
>> & currently VMS seems not to be well represented among lynx-devers.
> We each have to judge for ourselves what is "fair"
> & we each have our own set of *actual* expectations
> based on our accummulated set of observations about various people.

certainly: i have mine of you, but since i know you contributed a lot
to the original development of Lynx, i try to remain fair in my comments.

> despite your recent post about bugtrap not considering the latest versions
> of Lynx, and your citing a URL which clearly indicates lynx-dev discussions
> to which I referred occurred after release of v2.7.1,
> I am not personally surprised you cited the v2.7 PROBLEMS file

simple: you eschew all responsibility for 2-8 & the only other version
i have readily available is 2-7: if there had been significant changes
in PROBLEMS 2-7-1 or 2-7-2, i assume you would have pointed them out here.
you shared responsibility for 2-7, however much you may try to wriggle.

> which is not to say that the v2.7.1 and v2.7.2
> PROBLEMS files do not still have lots of room for improvement.

at this point i have to echo Henry, whose comment i heartily agree with:
why don't you set about improving them?
if you have time to send lengthy ripostes to the likes of me,
you have time to contribute serious material to Lynx.

today, you are largely background noise:
we owe our gratitude to KW LE LP NHE WB & others,
but above all at present to TD for his patient co-ordination of everything;
if he occasionally gets something wrong & you can correct it,
you should do so politely & constructively.

> I do not think the quality of anyone's sense of humor is relevant.

??? -- nothing i said anything about ...

> a large part of the Lynx usership is not critically dependent on it,
> and could just walk away if becomes unviable
> (perhaps to care for a sick parent :).
this seems a fair enough expression of your attitude to Lynx & life.
apparently you have never had -- as i have -- to scramble overnight
to try to reach a very sick parent on the other side of the World:
if that is what Klaus has been doing, he deserves better from you.

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