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lynx-dev lynx2.8.1dev.25.patch.gz

From: dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.1dev.25.patch.gz
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 06:41:09 -0400 (EDT)

1998-09-06 (2.8.1dev.25)
* corrected compiled-in path for lynx_site.txt - TD
* implement logic for exec-links in forms-options page - TD
* add configure options --enable-exec-links and --enable-exec-scripts - TD
* correct logic for show-color in forms-options page (reported by DK) - TD.
* implement logic to set $DISPLAY in forms-options page - TD
* add/use functions LYsetXDisplay() and LYgetXDisplay() to reduce clutter - TD
* retain help-link on internal pages only for those where the pages would be
  pushed onto the history stack, and only in novice mode - TD
* absorb LYSystem.h into LYUtils.h, adding LYSystem() and LYSysShell functions
  to LYUtils.c to hide djgpp clutter - TD
* limit strings passed to mailer in LYMail.c to 7-bit ASCII, converting other
  characters to '?'.  This guards against trash on the end of the mailing
  address in a mailto link (from Duncan Simpson <address@hidden>).
* add fallback definitions for <sys/stat.h> S_xxx macros to tcp.h (from report
  by Francisco A Tomei Torres <address@hidden> that OpenStep 4.0
  lacks definition for S_IWOTH) - TD
* modify quote_pathname() so that for DJGPP it does not put single-quotes
  around the result - DK
* correct a missing assignment to turn bold off in split_line (GridText.c) - LE
* Fixed: forms input in display_partial mode! Previously hightext was printed
  at wrong positions while loading was in process (try -debug_partial to see
  the bug).  Fix made in HText_pageDisplay:  we call HText_trimHightext() which
  was the main part of HText_endAppend() before.  People, no more problems
  reported from incremental rendering mode!  - LP
* set PARTIAL mode ON by default, unless it disabled in lynx.cfg or by
  configure --disable-partial option - LP
* restore temporary -debug_partial switch, broken in dev.23. - LP
* made trace in HText_appendCharacter() a little more readable
  for lynx special characters - LP
* chartrans:  human-readable character set names in Options Menu now changed
  according to Netscape 4.x style - "language (MIMEname)", it looks more useful
  and reduce chaos in people's heads.  Documentation corrected
  (option_help.html/Lynx_User_guide.html).  Minor tip:  "Central and Eastern
  European" was truncated to "Eastern European" because of space limitation in
  popup menu.  (Changes in chrtrans/*.tbl, LYCharSets.c, also docs including
  userdefs.h/lynx.cfg).  Since names were changed, users on display other than
  iso-8859-1 should go to options menu and resave .lynxrc (and probably correct
  lynx.cfg - character_set now uses MIME notation in sync with other charset
  settings, although complete name string is still acceptable for this field).
  - LP
* an attempt made to tweak the code replacing lynx internal 'main' charset '0'
  (iso-8859-1 in fact) with its MIME name. - LP
* rename ifdef EXP_8BIT_TOUPPER in favor of lynx.cfg switch FORCE_8BIT_TOUPPER
  - LP
* remove a lot of "(char **)" casts from HTML.c which obscured some type
  mismatches - TD
* add/use functions LYIsHtmlSep, LYAddHtmlSep, LYTrimHtmlSep, LYIsPathSep,
  LYAddPathSep, LYTrimPathSep to reduce clutter - TD
* fix a bug, present at least since dev.17, where lynx can't download files if
  it is started from one of the root directories of a disk drive, since it is
  trying to write to "c:\\file.ext", rather than "c:\file.ext" - DK
* correct a comment in userdefs.h; commercial Japanese sites are named with, not (Larry Virden).
* correct some debug messages in LYCookie.c - BJP
* fix a missing </h1> in ShowInfo.c - SKY
* modified '+'->' ' conversion to allow Unix commands to have '+' beginning
  options - TD
* sorted all option items (i.e., static variables, postoptions(), gen_options())
  according to the sections they are in - SKY
* added '+'->' ' conversion for forms-options values - SKY
* centered 'save to disk' and put a dash between 'accept' and 'reset' for
  clarity - SKY
* add "-cookie_file=" commandline option to specify cookie file - BJP
* add "cookie_file=" option to .lynxrc - BJP
* add "cookie_file:" option to lynx.cfg - BJP
* change default cookie file to "Home_Dir()/cookies" (or sys$login:cookies
  for VMS, which may or may not work, DOS also needs to be checked) - BJP
* add cookies switch to options menu - LP
* Security considerations and form-based options:  items restricted in
  gen_options() should be ALSO restricted under the same conditions in
  postoptions() to prevent a limited access user to edit option's HTML code
  manually and submit a restricted items.  This may be not a good idea to have
  two functions in sync but those functions are synchronized anyway.  Please
  read comments inside the functions if change something!  - LP
* add new functions BeginInternalPage and EndInternalPage to reduce clutter in
  code that sets up internal pages (email from LP).
* change version in to 2-8-1 (reported by DK).
* the code in GridText that adds control characters to the current line
  does not test for buffer overflow.  Normally Lynx gets away with this because
  it will wrap the current line as soon as the line exceeds the display width,
  but if you have a file with nothing but control characters with no
  displayable text in-between (a few thousand hidden links will do), then Lynx
  bombs.  Modified to silently ignore excess control characters as well as add
  a few extra bytes when allocating the line buffer to allow for a bunch of
  control characters followed by a kanji or utf-8 sequence.  (patch by Dick
  Wesseling <address@hidden>)
* remove WWW/Library/Implementation/HTInit.c, which is not used, since
  src/HTInit.c has this functionality - TD
* change ID="<number>" in Lynx_users_guide.html to ID="<name>" to appease
  weblint; tested with IE&NS - TD.
* Al's convention of '#<number>' into '#<id name>' in Lynx_users_guide.html is
  included - SKY

Thomas E. Dickey

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