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Re: lynx-dev comments on "compile time settings"

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev comments on "compile time settings"
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 07:30:58 -0400 (EDT)

981007 Bela Lubkin wrote: 
> Philip Webb wrote:
>> there's still a BUG : i'm not making it up!
>> i sent in trace output for the refusal by 2-8-1pre.6 to save options
>> side-by-side with the fact that 2-8pre.2 happily accepts them,
>> both in Menu mode within a few minutes on the same UNIX system!
> The trace output was short and identical
> for the success and failure cases: not useful.

certainly, it didn't look very useful, but it's all i had.
> Before anything else, download pre.8 (or 9 if Tom gets ahead of you)
-- snip --

no, you've misunderstood (and i did make a nice clean build):
the problem arose between 2-8pre.2 -- which was released February 1998 --
& 2-8-1pre.6 -- a recent enough version of current development:
it's a 2-8 vs 2-8-1 problem, not a problem within recent devt versions.
i can look thro' CHANGES, but people who were working on Options
should be able to locate individual changes more quickly than me.
>> something changed in LYNX during that interval
>> which is clashing with something in the IRIX 5.3 system here.
>> i'm not a UNIX systems expert,
>> so i can't begin to suggest what it might be,
>> but the fact that no-one else has encountered it -- yet --
>> is no reason to ignore it.
> do some system call traces.
> Unix system call tracers are generally called trace, truss or strace.
> Read the man page.  Most have an "attach to a running process" flag.
> The methodology you want to use is: -- snip --

i'll have a look at your procedure & follow it if i can,
BUT i have only one terminal -- my PC at home -- without a lot of fuss.
i want to grab & try out  screen , but haven't got around to it.
i am quite adept at getting computers to do things,
but my experience is very limited in some areas.

thanx for your helpful advice: i'll report back later.

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