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Re: lynx-dev change of current download directory?

From: Juhana K Kouhia
Subject: Re: lynx-dev change of current download directory?
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 18:44:03 +0200

Hello. I posted the mail below a while ago. Did you get it?
How do you feel about my suggestions?



>Sender: address@hidden
>From:  Juhana K Kouhia <address@hidden>
>Date:  Mon, 14 Sep 1998 13:28:41 +0300
>I added wget mailing list to the distribution. I'm not in these mailing
>lists. Wget people might want search for string "WGET" for reading
>comments meant for them too.
>>From: Philip Webb <address@hidden>
>>980913 Juhana Kouhia wrote: 
>>> I didn't find any key for changing the current download directory.
>>when Lynx asks for a file name, simply enter the full path you want.
>Thank you for your reply.
>>generally, suggestions for Lynx get implemented
>>only when the person suggesting them has the time & skill to do so.
>But it would be quite silly if that scheme is followed everytime.
>I may have reasonable good suggestions but may not have time or skills
>to learn the Lynx's development aspects. Well I don't have time because
>I'm working on an audio wave editor, document imaging, and so on --- all
>of them will be free as well. If I now have to use time to examine Lynx,
>my own interest are not going anywhere.
>So, in case somebody else want to take it, please put the above wish to
>your wishlist because I actually wanted a change to that "enter the full
>path" scheme. So far I quit the lynx and continue in other directory --
>quite odd way to do it. Hmm.. please add "make a directory to the current
>local directory" and "show current local directory" commands too. Then it
>is very easy to save stuff with Lynx.
>>> My other suggestion would be a download the current page
>>> with all images and inlines. Such that I may look at that page
>>> with Netscape at home with images and all.
>>you can define a viewer like  xv  to view images with Lynx.
>Oh, I'm on MS/Windows at university, using simple terminal program
>and thus cannot use X programs.
>What I would like to have is that I may save the current page to a
>current local directory, tar it, untar at home, and view with
>Netscape or whatever in Linux. (I don't have a net access at home.)
>Note that I could use Netscape at university and *print* the page "as is"
>to the paper. But I don't want to do that. I'm thus looking for exact
>alternative to have the page "as is" in electronic format. Netscape
>cannot save the page "as is" either.
>Note that using wget is no solution. "wget -r -l 1" will download the
>images but as well the pages refered from the main page. I have feeling
>that it could be more better if wget could download the current page
>"as is". Then I could use wget in Lynx to download the current page to the
>current local directory "as is".
>For Lynx people only: Currently I cannot even save the inlines with Lynx.
>Please add a saving possibility to the wishlist. It could be a switch
>type system: hide inline links/show inline links. Because otherwise there
>might be too many links on the page, making it difficult to move link-by-

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