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Re: lynx-dev tvgen cookie problem

From: brian j. pardy
Subject: Re: lynx-dev tvgen cookie problem
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 17:55:05 -0700

Laura Eaves wrote:
> I thought of that and tried it (reversing hte order of the cookies
> in hte cookie file) but got the same results.
> Other suggestions welcome.
> Thanks

Lynx seems to reverse the order each time it starts. It looks like
LYLoadCookies() is loading them in the proper order from the COOKIE_FILE,
but the cookie jar page displays them in reversed (reversed within a
domain, not completely mirrored) order, so I assume they are being stored
internally in that way. Then, as that is the way they are stored,
LYSaveCookies() (or is it LYStoreCookies()) is writing them to the cookie
file in the improper order.

I've noticed that if cookies are handled wrong by a site when I start up,
they usually work right if I quit Lynx, don't touch the cookie file, and
restart Lynx (as they are then reversed to the proper order again). 

If I could figure out where they are getting sorted improperly in the
first place (Is HTList_addObject() doing something weird? I dunno) I could
come up with something, as for now the only other idea I have is hacking
in a "reverse the order of these suckers" in the function that saves
cookies to COOKIE_FILE.

Ideas/white-light-of-epiphany welcome.

He who slings mud generally loses ground.
                -- Adlai Stevenson

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