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lynx-dev pre.10 : Options Form/Menu

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev pre.10 : Options Form/Menu
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 16:00:53 -0400 (EDT)

981012 Nelson Henry Eric wrote:
> 981011 Philip Webb wrote:
>> (2) there's a very misleading description of Forms Options 
>>     in INSTALLATION, `configure' & `configure -help': 
>>     ` --enable-forms-options ' means ` --disable-forms-menu ',
>  MEA CVLPA : should be `options'                  ^^^^^
>>     ie if you want BOTH you should OMIT this item from configure, 
>>     when you can toggle between them via  lynx.cfg  & command-line; 
>>     if you INCLUDE this item in configure, you CAN'T toggle. 
>>     surely the name of this configure switch should be changed? 
> Would something like the following be acceptable:
>   --disable-old-options-menu  -- snip --
> I'm fighting to keep this option, until 1) it is proven
> that the new forms-based method is absolutely safe for anonymous mode

surely you don't need this option: no-one does.
default is to provide BOTH formats subject to  lynx.cfg :
for your anonymous users you simply set it to Menu in  lynx.cfg .
we can leave this out of  configure  altogether.

> 2) a key is implemented to go to the previous field -- snip --

why can't they use  ^v  then the usual navigation commands?
or goto Top Of Page & navigate down again?  or DK's suggestions?

> When these two are done, the old style menu can be removed completely
> and this configure option becomes obsolete.

there's no hurry to remove the old Menu,
but the configure option is already obsolete.
i assume it was put there at the beginning,
when the Forms version was still thought to be so experimental
users might need to compile it out.

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