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Re: lynx-dev : persistently reject all cookies (was --post_data, ...)

From: Serge MUNHOVEN
Subject: Re: lynx-dev : persistently reject all cookies (was --post_data, ...)
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 20:22:35 +0200

On Wed, Oct 14, 1998 at 09:52:13AM -0700, brian j. pardy wrote:
 >  > - Suggestion: if I reply "neVer" to a proposed cookie, shouldn't that be
 >  > never ever, i.e. be saved in the cookie-file as well ? Probably the most
 >  > satisfying would be to have the choice between "no" (once) - "never" (in 
 > this
 >  > session) - "NEVER" (ever; persistent).
 >  The always-accept/always-reject option is currently stored in the .lynxrc,
 >  possibly an idea for 2.8.2 might be to have this information stored in the
 >  cookie file.
Thanks. Perhaps I should have read the helpfile before proposing (has been a
long time since ...). BTW from the main helpfile:

   To see the current lynx.cfg state you may press '=' key for Lynx
   Information Page and follow your lynx.cfg link from there near the

but there is no such link on my info-page. Only :

  Lynx 2.8.1pre.9 (10 Oct 1998) (development version) - compile time settings

Guess some sync is needed here.

 >  I'm not sure if I would always want the always/never choice saved between
 >  sessions -- generally if I know I explicitly do not ever want any cookies
 >  from a site I will add them by hand, but I usually hit "neVer" in response
 >  to any cookie offering from a site that I don't want them from. I don't
 >  (personally) want to have that stored between sessions.
Well I just used to hit "neVer", ignoring the existence of a configurable
COOKIE_REJECT_DOMAINS. With my brand-new cookie-jar I naively expected having
to hit it just once for all now. Even knowing about the variable now, IMHO one
should be able to decide on the fly as the cookie is proposed, leaving the
option to refuse persistently or for the session.


 - Serge

PS: About numbering to access the entries in the options form. IMHO a bad idea
because numbers will change everytime an option is added. Perhaps the issue
will be adressed some time (dreaming) with access keys (HTML 4).

 Serge Munhoven                              Internet: address@hidden

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