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Re: lynx-dev pre.10 : -post_data, nls-fork, various

From: Michael Warner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev pre.10 : -post_data, nls-fork, various
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 09:00:20 -0700

On Wed, Oct 14, 1998, brian j. pardy <address@hidden> wrote:

> Serge Munhoven:
> >  >  > - Accessing the first
> >  >  > time (no cookie set for them) and submitting the
> >  >  > form proposes a cookie.  Even if accepting it, the
> >  >  > submission fails. Exit lynx and restart it (with those
> >  >  > cookies still in the jar) and everything works.  Note
> >  >  > that I have brian j. pardy's cookie-patch applied. Is
> >  >  > there any difference between the handling of fresh
> >  >  > cookies and those from the jar ?


> Okay, taking a look at this (I'm not going to post the trace
> log unless someone wants to see it, it's long and ugly), it
> looks like a broken site.
> If you enter the page with no cookie set, following the
> 'submit' link sends you to a page (let's call it "A") which
> sends you a cookie and redirects you to a page ("B"). Page "B"
> then redirects you to "A". Which redirects to "B". Etc.
> If you enter the page with the cookie set, the "submit" link
> sends you to a different page ("I don't need to send you a
> cookie, go ahead"), which doesn't do any wonky redirection.

I'm a little confused.  The way I read the my trace.logs (about a
half step above illiteracy), on your first visit, with no cookie
set, you're sent to page "A".  When you get there, the page hands
you a cookie ("1st visit=welcome", or some such) and redirects
you to page "B" ("cookietest"), which bounces you back to "A", and you bounce
back and forth 10 times, ending up back at "A".

Quit lynx, immediately start it back up and submit the form,
you're sent to "A", and things are copacetic - you get the
response you wanted in the first place.  You also get a second
cookie ("SESSION_ID") without prompting for your approval.
Where'd that come from?  I couldn't find it in the traces.

So, the only difference I can see quitting lynx making is to
write out the cookie file.  How would the target site know you'd
quit and come back?  Cookie order couldn't get reversed, since
when you quit, there's only one cookie from that site.

Netscape seems to get both the "1stvisit" and "SESSION_ID"
cookies on the first try.  I assume that's the intended routine,
but haven't the slightest idea whether the problem's with lynx or
on the other end.

So I guess my questions are how'd that second cookie get in
there, and what difference does quitting lynx make?

I'm using a slightly antediluvian lynx (pre6), but the end result
is the same as for pre10, as near as I can tell, so if the
problem is with lynx, it's apparently at least that old.

Michael Warner 

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