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Re: lynx-dev scripts for lynx

From: Michael Warner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev scripts for lynx
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 23:10:42 -0700

On Thu, Oct 15, 1998, Eduardo Chappa L.
<address@hidden> wrote:


>   Sometimes I want to access information in a page that is
> updated daily, say a newspaper's web page, this makes the name
> of the link change every day so it's not useful to bookmark
> the link, however I can bookmark the initial page and follows
> ALWAYS the same path of pressing keys to where I really want to
> go, so I was wondering if it is possible to create some kind
> of external command such that after pressing the corresponding
> "." key it will activate an script that will redirect me to the
> page I really want to go to ?

I don't think the EXTERNAL model is the kind of thing you're
looking for.

Some programs (mutt and vim, that I use) let you "push" a string
of user-specified keystroke commands, on the command line at
start-up, for instance.  If lynx had that, you could define some
aliases, or brief scripts, or batch files for frequently accessed
sites.  Another, similar, possibility would be user defined
mappings or macros to automate frequently-done tasks.  It doesn't
seem to me that web browsing is repetitive and tedious enough to
make this sort of thing very high priority, but I suppose someone
with a visual impairment might benefit, in some situations.

I have no idea what it would take to implement this kind of

Off-hand, I can't think of any way to do what you're looking for,
with lynx's present capabilities.

Michael Warner 

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