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Re: lynx-dev status

From: Nelson Henry Eric
Subject: Re: lynx-dev status
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 11:21:07 +0900 (JST)

> who ordinarily would want to replace local Help files with distant ones

A shell account holder who has a quota of 500 Kb or less.  Someone
who loves Lynx and wants the latest help file set even though his
provider won't upgrade.  An installer who wants to provide multiple
help file sets, e.g., various languages.  An installer who wants to
discourage users from _each_ individually downloading and storing
the file set by providing the best and latest help file set in one
central location that all users can access.

Why not simply "Lynx help files:"?  Forget the "local".

> i really find your objection quite incomprehensible:
> if i place my fingers on the vi keys -- hjkl -- b (previous screen) lies

NOT an objection, a *preference*.  Goto a _single-page_ document.  The
top link on the page is highlighted.  Push `k' and you "roll" to the
bottom link.  `j' and `k' work the same, and are in the same position
on any of the half dozen keyboards I face every day.  You can have
"screen" AND a Japanese FEP AND a terminal emulater all interacting
at the same time and still navigate with ease and confidence on all
terminals we use.

> there are only 2 pages, after all ...

More than one means you cannot see all numbered links at one glance.

In particular, I see no advantage at all to putting "[12]HTML 4.0
[13]HTML 3.2 [14]HTML 3.0 [15]HTML 2.0 [16]HTTP 1.1 [17]HTTP 1.0"
on separate lines.

Have you checked the appearance of your page in all three user modes,
novice, intermediate and advanced?  Have you checked with links
numbered, and not numbered?

> leaving the search engines in the Help Page is hardly consistent
> with keeping it all on one screen ...
> the `index file' is yet another piece of antediluvia,
> which we might well update into a really useful list of basic links,

When the latter is done, THEN remove the search engine links from
the help entry menu.  I totally agree with what you suggest; I've
been doing it for 2+ years.


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