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lynx-dev unanswered queries (2)

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev unanswered queries (2)
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 09:57:53 -0500 (EST)

980813 Sergei V wrote: 
> I've had some problems running the Lynx proxy that support SSL.
> I downloaded several packages from the site.
> 1) If I use 'lynx-2-7-2', I will get a 
>    " can't cd to WWW/Library/freebsd "  
>   error (I am running on FreeBSD UNIX), because there is no 
>   subdirectory called 'freebsd' under the directory
>    WWW/Library from the original source.
> 2) If I use 'edssl', after compilation, I will get a
>     "Cannot bind to port 4, permission denied" error.
>    I cannot run as root, how do I get around this?
> 3) When I compile 'eassl', I found that it's not compatible
>    with SSL0.9;  Getting errors such as 
>     eassl.c:37: too few arguments to function `X509_NAME_oneline'
>   but when I try to install SSL-0.6, I got compilation errors like
>   the following:
>   ede_enc.o: Undefined symbol `_des_decrypt3' referenced from text 
> segment
> Are there any guru who can help me get out of this mess?
no-one volunteered at the time & possibly you've already solved it,
but otherwise get the latest 2-8-1 from
& SSL patches from ,
try again & report to lynx-dev if you still have problems.
anyone knowledgeable enough to diagnose the above?

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