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lynx-dev lynx whith a special configuration

From: Frank Knobloch
Subject: lynx-dev lynx whith a special configuration
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 98 14:42:55 +0100

Hi all!
We are searching for a special terminal-based webbrowser for ascii-terminals
(Funkterminals), so lynx would be great, but for our project it's oversized.
Some features should be disabled and an new feature would be nice.
In detail:

- the browser has to start with a special URL and
  the user is not allowed to other stuff than to
  select a link or to fill out a form.
  This means that he has no menu, no hotkeys
  to generate other features/functions of the browser.
  The only thing which maybe useful is the mailcomposing, but
  this is not necessary.

- We don't need any specials, like pictures, animations, java
  javascript or something else.

- It would be great if we can extend the hyperlink-tag to support
  special keys with special hyperlinks.

- No nntp, no gopher or other stuff.

- No frames

Our question:
Is somebody interested to do a special configuration for us?
Are threre any hints how to do the specials - so we can do it?
Any other hints?



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