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lynx-dev OS/390 1.2 patch

From: pg
Subject: lynx-dev OS/390 1.2 patch
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 16:51:52 -0700 (MST)

Hello, Lyncei,

I'm hoist by my own petard.  After TED kindly incorporated one
of my suggestions, with editorial revisions, I find it breaks
OS/390 1.2.  The clear bug in the shell's handling of environment
variables is fixed by OS/2390 2.4.  I feel no urgency to accommodate
an obscure OS at an obsolescent release (2.7 is now in beta), so
it's within the editor's prerogative to regard the attached patch
as merely informative.

BTW, I'm curious about the use of "$(SHELL) -c" in a few, but
certainly not all, places in makefile.  If it's necessary to
avoid parsing techniques of (e.g.) the dreaded C-shell, shouldn't
this be done throughout?  In fact, maybe the command I rewrote
should be:

!       $(SHELL) -c 'PATH=$(srcdir):$$PATH; export PATH; $(srcdir)/'

-- gil

diff -brc orig/lynx2-8-2/ lynx2-8-2/
*** orig/lynx2-8-2/  Sat Jan 16 15:59:09 1999
--- lynx2-8-2/       Sat Jan 16 16:04:44 1999
*** 392,398 ****
  cfg_defs.h : $(srcdir)/ config.cache lynx_cfg.h
        @rm -f $@
!       PATH=$(srcdir):$$PATH $(SHELL) -c '$(srcdir)/'
  install-cfg : $(libdir)
        -mv -f $(libdir)/lynx.cfg $(libdir)/lynx.oldcfg
--- 392,398 ----
  cfg_defs.h : $(srcdir)/ config.cache lynx_cfg.h
        @rm -f $@
!       PATH=$(srcdir):$$PATH; export PATH; $(SHELL) -c '$(srcdir)/'
  install-cfg : $(libdir)
        -mv -f $(libdir)/lynx.cfg $(libdir)/lynx.oldcfg

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