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Re: lynx-dev problem with LYNX_TEMP_SPACE?

From: dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev problem with LYNX_TEMP_SPACE?
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 21:49:54 -0400 (EDT)

> > > > I don't mind if you completely fix this bug.  Might be an area to look  
> > >                      ^don't  
> >  
> > the original sense - this is in code that's been 'fixed' since 2.8.1, and 
> > (like Vlad's core dump) would not be a Good Thing to introduce in a new 
> My key word here was "completely."  As I mentioned in my corrected report, 
> the _when_ should temp files of _what_ kind be removed needs, IMO, some 

At the moment, that's the only remaining code fix that I have on my list -
I did check/see that it's never worked properly (2.7.2, 2.8, 2.8.1), so
it may take some study to fix properly.

(my pre.8 patch contains as much as I know to fix for David Eaton's
problem without further feedback).

> thought and input from Lynx users.  I've actually come to enjoy my fix; 
> it offers a freedom I've not had before (wish I'd done it earlier).  But 
> what might even be better is for Lynx to keep track of what it has on 
> disk and reuse it rather than overwriting it -- which would require some 
> kind of configurable quota system -- so, maybe not. 

there's some remnants of that - but iirc, it doesn't mesh well with the
checks to ensure that a temporary file's not been compromised in some way.
> __Henry 

Thomas E. Dickey

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