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Re: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx: Summary (Repost with a few typos corrected)

From: RobertM
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx: Summary (Repost with a few typos corrected)
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 18:52:54 +0100 (BST)

It is alleged that Brett Glass once typed:
> As those who have followed this thread will recall, I and a group of 
> programmer acquaintances, having watched the problems a blind friend had 
> with the Web, seek to produce a Web browser that's truly friendly to the 
> visually impaired. Since it's unrealistic to expect that such a product 
> would earn much money, we expect to earn minimum wage, or perhaps less, for 
> our efforts --- but do need this much income to provide necessary support 
> services such as telephone help. (Clearly, a blind user can't turn to the 
> Internet for help if the browser is not working.)

I'm sorry to rake over old coals, but this has been REALLY bugging me.
Why can't a blind user, or anyone for that matter turn to the
internet for help, if thier web browser isn't working?

I would assume they'd still be able to send e-mail ro read news, which
tend to be far more helpful than the web, which is all they could use
lynx for, and if they couldn't do any of these things
surely they'd be better off talking to thier ISP? And if they need to
use the web how well do speech readers work with lynx at the end of a
telnet session /* I ask because there are public lynx clients */?

What you seem to be selling is support, in which case why not follow
the redhat model, or in the UK the freeserve model. I.E. make your
money off support, not from the "product" itself. Linux is GPL'd yet
there are quite a few people making a living from it.

Rob "I'm sure I'm missing something" m
  "Ask not what I can do for the stupid, 
         but what the stupid can do for me" - Graeme Garden

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