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lynx-dev Compilation problems (Lynx 2.8.3)

From: Thomas Heye
Subject: lynx-dev Compilation problems (Lynx 2.8.3)
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 07:08:27 -0400

Hallo out htere,

I have big trouble compiling lynx 2.8.3 with the SSL patches included.
(Actually, it starts at linking time). I try to compile it under DOS (with

I've downloaded the SSLeay package (version 0.9.2 or so). So when I try to
compile all the library stuff with NO_SOCKS, some routines are not in the
library (which I guess are needed by lynx). But when I omit this flag, then in
some parts of the library "winsock.h" and "windows.h" is required (which I don't

Now I'd like to know: Which parts of the libraries (libssl and libcrypto) are
*actually* needed? Or can I use the NO_SOCKS flag to get around this problem? Or
can I (maybe) replace some of the routines in winsock.h with those in the
Waterloo library?

Please, please help me! I've been working on this now for weeks and I really got

Thank you!


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