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lynx-dev LYNX: nice needed feature: one-level-deep include-body-of-link

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: nice needed feature: one-level-deep include-body-of-link
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 13:58:06 -0700 (PDT)

Check out this link:

1. [13]C-SPAN Networks Schedule

You'll notice that many of the programs have a link, which if
you follow it will give you a SHORT blurb on the tv-program.

Now, what I've been recently doing, on weekends, is to download
the main page (lynx-produced ascii), stuff it into an emacs buffer,
then back on my shell account, hit the links, mouse the resulting
lynx text from the screen, "copy" it (that's what my sun keyboard
key for this says), flip windows back to my local emacs, and
yank (ie, paste) it into the "proper" place in that schedule.

Finally, I write it out from emacs and send it to the laser printer.


Now, it would sure be nice if LYNX could do all that for me,
automatically, with no tedious cutting and pasting (via kermit

One level deep is what I'd want -- no subtree or cycle or

The main thing is that lynx would do the "including" in
the right place.  

Would sure save a lot of finger-work!


Other possibility: to the html experts among you:

Is there some way to tell, via html, lynx to
include the body of a linked-to page right there
where the link sits in the top page?

Maybe someone good at perl could write a quickie
that hacks a \ html-file, which we then read back
into lynx, and the displayed version has this included

With maybe a pre or post filter (perl) that gets rid of
the "references:" list at the bottom?


Seems to me that with perl supposedly being "bundled" into
some coming version of NT, maybe also solaris, surely with
linux, etc, lynx could "ship" with some perl scripts included.

Maybe even a lynx-module, to make it easy to hack either
html FOR processing by lynx (eg this include-idea),
or for post-processing module.

Maybe even adding facilities (hooks?) to lynx to run
perl-based filters at certain strategic places?


Maybe ditto for TCL and python and whatever-else?


Anyway, after all these alternate ideas, please do
remember the ORIGINAL reason for this post --
getting "clean" insertion of the blurb-bodies into
that c-span schedule!



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