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lynx-dev RSA is now in the Public Domain

From: Kim DeVaughn
Subject: lynx-dev RSA is now in the Public Domain
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 04:23:20 -0600

Not being ones to let a PR opportunity slip thru their grubby/greedy
little paws, RSASEC has released the RSA algorithm to the Public
Domain a whole TWO WEEKS early.

To wit:

   BEDFORD, Mass., September 6, 2000 -- RSA Security Inc. (NASDAQ: RSAS)
   today announced it has released the RSA public key encryption
   algorithm into the public domain, allowing anyone to create products
   that incorporate their own implementation of the algorithm. This means
   that RSA Security has waived its rights to enforce the patent for any
   development activities that include the RSA algorithm occurring after
   September 6, 2000.

   Represented by the equation "c = me mod n," the RSA algorithm is
   widely considered the standard for encryption and the core technology
   that secures the vast majority of the e-business conducted on the
   Internet. The U.S. patent for the RSA algorithm (# 4,405,829,
   "Cryptographic Communications System And Method") was issued to the
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on September 20, 1983,
   licensed exclusively to RSA Security and expires on September 20,

   "So much misinformation has been spread recently regarding the
   expiration of the RSA algorithm patent that we wanted to create an
   opportunity to state the facts," said Art Coviello, chief executive
   officer of RSA Security.


Very large of them.

The full Press Release, Corporate hype, and general RSA self-congratulatory
back-patting and BS can be found at:


for those interested.

Now I should probably go and try and find *and* decypher the new ITAR
regs that were supposed to go into effect in 1Q2000, or so ...


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