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lynx-dev DOS binary of lynx2.8.4dev.9 crashing

From: Doug Kaufman
Subject: lynx-dev DOS binary of lynx2.8.4dev.9 crashing
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 07:48:29 -0700 (PDT)

The DOS binary of lynx2.8.4dev.9 is crashing when accessing some local
directories. This seems to occur most when going to "file:///./". I
built a debugging version and got the following call frame traceback.
I am not very good at interpreting these, but it seems to crash when
calling strcmp() in LYMainLoop.c. I'll try making the stack larger
to see if that helps. I would appreciate it if someone who knows
C could look at the code referenced below to see if any changes
between 2.8.3pre.8 (when I last compiled the DOS version) and now look

DJGPP signal 291 is SIGSEGV.

Lynx now exiting with signal:  291
Exiting due to signal SIGABRT
General Protection Fault at eip=0012c64a
eax=0024422c ebx=0024422c ecx=0024422c edx=656c6966 esi=656c6966 edi=00208218
ebp=002081b0 esp=002081b0 program=F:\TES28D9.PDC\LYNX2-8-\src\LYNX.EXE
cs: sel=00a7  base=10000000  limit=0033ffff
ds: sel=00af  base=10000000  limit=0033ffff
es: sel=00af  base=10000000  limit=0033ffff
fs: sel=00bf  base=00000000  limit=0010ffff
gs: sel=00bf  base=00000000  limit=0010ffff
ss: sel=00af  base=10000000  limit=0033ffff
App stack: [002089b4..001889b4]  Exceptn stack: [001883c0..00186480]
Call frame traceback EIPs:
  0x0012c64a _strcmp+22
  0x000487e9 _HTAddGotoURL+113, line 7472 of LYMainLoop.c
  0x0003b3a0 _do_check_goto_URL+1608, line 634 of LYMainLoop.c
  0x00048652 _mainloop+14346, line 7267 of LYMainLoop.c
  0x000356a5 _main+5677, line 1963 of LYMain.c
  0x0012bd7e ___crt1_startup+178

Doug Kaufman
Internet: address@hidden

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