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lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.11

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.11
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 21:37:44 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.3.27i

2002-12-01 (2.8.5dev.11)
* fix a typo in changelog date -TD
* add project version & date to lynx.cfg -TD
* document xxx_PATH variables in lynx.cfg -TD

2002-11-11 (2.8.5dev.10)
* modify file-upload to provide content-type based on file-suffix.  This is
  needed to validate local html files with current the W3C validation service
  webpage -TD
* modify file-upload to warn but permit the filename or file contents to be
  missing (report by Clemens Fisher) -TD
* workaround for compiler bug in fix_httplike_urls() -BL
* change enumShowColor so SHOW_COLOR_NEVER is zero as in 2.8.3, which makes the
  result from LYChoosePopup() match the enum values.  This fixes a bug which
  would make the slang configuration toggle back to color when accepting an
  options screen (report by Sean McGuire <address@hidden> and Carlton
  Anderson) -TD
* add a null-pointer check in content_is_compressed() -TD
* in partial mode, load document with #fragment on the fly. Long awaited fix.
  LYMainLoop_pageDisplay() now returns BOOL -LP
* calculate WWW_SOURCE once, it is now a constant, not a define -LP
* use malloc instead of calloc in several places, particularly in HTList
  operations (each field initialized explicitely) -LP
* fix a few typos in samples/mailcap (Carlton Anderson
* ifdef'd default_fg and default_bg for PDCURSES to be 15, since that agrees
  with lynx's use of color names, and works around a bug exposed by the
  ASSUMED_COLORS change from 2.8.5dev.9 (report by DK) -TD
* simplify pretty-source code in SGML.c using PUTS(), put_pretty_entity() and
  put_pretty_number() -TD
* refine S_attr test in SGML.c to make pretty-source code handle the case where
  a blank precedes the '='.  The misplaced markers made lynx omit newlines from
  the pretty-source view (report by LP) -TD
* rewrote HTStat() to ensure that it does stat() for files on Windows -TD
* HTTCP.c patch to make djgpp/Watt-32 non-blocking connect in HTDoConnect().
  This allows pressing 'z' to abort connections.  Removed extra _HTProgress()
  for INET6; it overwrote previous progress message -GV, DK
* in SGML.c, element stack now use a pool of 10 elements to avoid most of
  malloc/free calls -LP
* in HTParse(), use single alloca instead of three malloc/free pairs -LP
* in HTParse.c, avoid most strcasecomp calls in scan() - LP
* modify GridText.c to store lines, anchors, and forms in the same HText memory
  pool as styles.  This will optimize memory allocation/deallocation by 8Kb
  units.  The down side:  lines in TRST mode will be stored twice.  Some
  structs are made a bit more compact -LP
* add DJGPP to SINGLE_USER_UNIX special cases -DK
* modify configure script to not strip the -g option from $CFLAGS if it was
  present in the user's environment rather than autoconf adding it (report by
  DK) -TD
* add --with-curses-dir configure script option -TD
* in SGMLFindTag, we translate string uppercase in-place and launch case
  insensitive search, add SGMLFindUprTag() to cover the cases where the string
  is readonly - LP, TD
* DJGPP build restored.  MV_PATH was undefined long ago by mistake.  Fix recent
  DJGPP changes in HTTCP.c:  move _resolve_hook few lines below, it will not
  compile otherwise.  Remove minor warnings -LP
* optimize parsing html with many relative links, href="#fragment" -
  HTAnchor_findChildAndLink() and HTML_start_element(), case HTML_A:  now avoid
  significant overhead when link == HTInternalLink (e.g., resolving against
  base, lots of reallocations, parent lookup, etc., all are useless).  Two
  functions affected.  [HTAnchor.c, HTML.c].  The code works both with and
* optimize parsing of large html files - with thousands of anchors - LP
  + remove quadratic complexity from split_line() usage [GridText.c].
    Because of some work with anchors on the last(=split) line,
    the anchors list was traversed from the beginning for each output line.
    Now we store last_anchor_before_split  explicitly.
    With my 800Kb test file (13000 output lines, 3100 anchors) this shows
    25% speedup: split_line() weight decreased from 26% down to 1%
  + remove quadratic complexity from HTAnchor_findChild() usage [HTAnchor.c].
    HTParentAnchor::children list was traversed zillion times, now we
    split it into a tree (named anchors <a name=...>, fast search required)
    and a list (just a storage for the rest anchors, no search required).
    This one gives 11% speedup for 3100 anchors html on my system.
  + remove quadratic complexity when generating a 'l'ist page,
    now traverse anchors list only once [LYList.c, GridText.c].
    Not too much savings but trivial.
* add a search method to HTBTree implementation. - LP
* amend check for refresh-URL to avoid adding a link if the retrieved page is
  compressed, since the link would be added to the compressed file, corrupting
  it (reported by Michel SUCH and Karl-Heinz Weirich <address@hidden>) -TD
* correct misspelled $LYNX_LOCALEDIR variable in LYMain.c (reported by Michel
* change the install procedure for lynx.cfg to attempt to update the file with
  the user's customizations if any, and to save the old configuration
  information in a series, e.g., lynx.cfg-1, lynx.cfg-2, etc. -TD
* re-fix the problem with config.cache not being removed at the beginning of
  the configure script - see 2.8.5dev.3 (report by Clemens Fisher) -TD

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