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lynx-dev default bookmark file

From: Carlton Anderson
Subject: lynx-dev default bookmark file
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 20:24:24 -0800 (PST)

message attached:

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I wanted to change my default bookmark file
to ~/.lynx/lynx_bookmarks.html; however, I
had some problems doing this. 

Changing the value for DEFAULT_BOOKMARK_FILE
in lynx.cfg doesn't work, because the value
is over-written when ~/.lynxrc is read. 

To clarify things for other users, I suggest
the following things:

* A comment should be added to the default lynx.cfg
  in the DEFAULT_BOOKMARK_FILE section:
  "The path to the default bookmark file specified
  in the (O)tions menu overrides the value specified

*  A comment _might_ be added to the comments section
   of .lynxrc:
  "To specify a directory _under_ your home directory,
   prepend './' to the path, for example:

* The (O)ptions screen suggests that the default
  bookmark file option is one of the options that
  won't be saved to disk, but it will be saved.

* The (O)ptions screen needs to have a way to
  tell the user that if he or she wants to
  put the bookmarks file in a subdirectory
  of the home directory, "./" must be prepended
  to the path.

I'm using lynx2.8.5dev11.


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