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Re: [Lynx-dev] compiled current edition of lynx?

From: pfourier
Subject: Re: [Lynx-dev] compiled current edition of lynx?
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 15:21:11 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 03 Nov 2011 15:53:40, Karen Lewellen wrote:

> Really?
> How unusual.  Between enhanced Dr dos with network ability built in, and some
> comparative support for freedos, network card companies have been adding
> this back  for some time.
> while there may be a few accepting, usually if the driver exists for Linux
> these days, it  also has support for ddOS.
> Many network folks use it for maintenance, given windows
> is such a constant security risk. 

windows security fix:

>> On Thu, 3 Nov 2011, Karen Lewellen wrote:
>>>  HI,
>>>  I have no idea what became of Doug, but has not updated this package since
>>>  2004.  I know from postshere that the most recent edition is June 201, I
>>>  believe.  Even at shellworld we are using the one just before that.
>>>  Anyone know of anything more recent?

Besides lynx, there are three DosLynx variations or versions:
The "Real Mode" 16-bit version is named DosLynx.
The 16-bit Protected Mode version is named DosLynxP.
And, the 32-bit Protected Mode version is named DosLynxS.

The main trick comes in providing a DOS Packet Driver to the Windows DOS window,
discussed in the following two URL's:

>>   On Thu, 3 Nov 2011, Thomas Dickey wrote:
>> not I (I haven't built lynx for DOS - tried quite a while ago but couldn't
>> find usable network drivers).
Hi Thomas,
Here is a 16-bit lynx demo w/source-code:

It should run out-of-the-box on windows XP, using a virtual packet driver and:

This 16-bit lynx OLD build handles HTML OK, but the SMTP server code has no 
Can AUTH LOGIN be patched into a new compile?


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