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[Lynx-dev] which parts of lynx actually handle the html?

From: Travis Siegel
Subject: [Lynx-dev] which parts of lynx actually handle the html?
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2020 14:12:06 -0500
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I'm seriously thinking about porting my epub reader from windows to linux.  Under windows it's a gui application, but in porting it to linux, I'd actually not mind making it a terminal based app. The parsing of the content files is relatively easy to do, especially since I already have that mostly written under windows, and porting that part to linux wouldn't be a difficult task.  The big trouble comes when actually displaying the files that make up the epub books.  most of them are just plain html files with xhtml extensions.

On windows, I call an explorer embedded task to display the html files, which gives me control over the explorer window since it's a child window of my app, and I can easily move from file to file, but I'm not sure how to do this same kind of thing on linux.

I could of course simply call lynx and pas it the url to the local file to display, but this would require the user to quit lynx after each section was done.  I'd like instead to be able to incorporate the relevant pieces of lynx directly into the epub reader, so that I have full control over when things get displayed, and when to change what's being shown.  Again, this could probably be done with scripting/moderate modifying of the lynx source, but a full blown web browser isn't strictly necessary, since on average, the epub standard doesn't generally go in for most of the existing xhtml extensions, so just having it handle moderately current html tags should be sufficient.  I'm just curious if anyone has any ideas/suggestions on what specific parts of lynx would be necessary for this task, since all files will be local, nothing needs to be pulled from remote servers, simple html parsing should suffice, and I only need to be able to control the browser so far as closing and reopeningnew files goes, I'd think I could strip away quite a lot of lynx's current infrastructure, and just use the html engine, with some window controls, but I don't know how problematic a task like this would be, so any help/advice would be appreciated.

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