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Repost: si-sayura.mim: new m17n input method for Sinhala

From: Mike FABIAN
Subject: Repost: si-sayura.mim: new m17n input method for Sinhala
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2022 10:56:17 +0200
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here is a new si-sayura.mim input method (attached) for m17n-db.

It behaves exactly the same as ibus-sayura does. There were some
problems with ibus-sayura recently on Gnome Wayland


and I also thought it would be more useful to have sayura available not
only as its own ibus engine but as part of m17n-db because then
it can also be used with ibus-typing-booster

So I created the attached files si-sayura.mim and si-sayura.png

(also available here: https://github.com/mike-fabian/m17n-db-sayura)

The original Sayura Sinhala input scheme is documented here:


(original author Anuradha <gnu.slash.linux@gmail.com> is in the CC:)

The PDF of the original documentation and the behaviour of ibus-sayura
differ slightly in some minor details. So I had to decide whether it
is better to follow the behaviour of ibus-sayura exactly or to follow
the PDF documentation exactly.

As I got no answer which is better from Danishka Navin
<danishka@gmail.com> and Anuradha <gnu.slash.linux@gmail.com>, I decided
to reproduce the behaviour of ibus-sayura exactly so users of
ibus-sayura are not surprised by some small differences in behaviour
(If Danishka or Anuradha tell me that it is better to follow the PDF
exactly instead, I could change it to do that).

Danishka Navin tested si-sayura.mim with ibus-m17n and
ibus-typing-booster and said that it works well. It is now available in
Fedora for more than a year and there were not complaints.

Therefore, I want to submit it here for inclusion upstream.

Mike FABIAN <mfabian@redhat.com>

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