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[Magellan-users] Further work on Magellan

From: Asdis Benediktsdottir
Subject: [Magellan-users] Further work on Magellan
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 22:52:18 -1000
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Hey all,

Just wanted to put in several things on the 'to-do' list that has to be done for next version (not the 0.3 version) of Magellan:

1. _Add artificial bathymetry_ - Currently the user needs a data file with bathymetry. A feature has to be added so the user can run magellan with out a data file. We would use the equation of seafloor deepening with age for this. 2. _Add option to specify distance between calculated points_ - Currently Magellan only calculates the model where data points are, i.e. if a user has data points with 3-km spacing, Magellan will calculate data at this point which will leave out small reversal periods. A feature where the user can choose the spacing between calculated points would be good. There might be a problem with the bathymetry since we would 'ideally' have to spline in between bathymetry points to get a depth value at the artificial point Magellan creates (this is how the algorithm works, the bathymetry and data lists have to be the same length). Another way to approach the problem would be to use the nearest bathymetry value, since it doesn't change drastically over small lengths (this would make the problem way easier). 3. _Allow choice of axis_ - Create the options -x<lower/upper> and -yb<lower/upper> [for the bathymetry] and -ym<lower/upper> [for the model] so the user can choose the upper and lower limits of the axis. 4. _Save calculation output in a file_ - Save the parameters needed to create the figure so the user doesn't have to ru n magellan again just to get the figure (pickle). This could be useful if the user want to plot the data elsewhere, i.e. using GMT. 5. _Change the reading of the data file _- Currently Magellan uses Modmag's input file format (distance, lon, lat, depth, anomaly) but Magellan's data file should contain three columns (distance from ridge, depth, anomaly) 6. _Add an option _- There is no option for the azimuth of the profile (-d) or for the obliuqe (-o?) angle to which the ridge is spreading (like 30 deg for the Reykjanes Ridge). The -d optioin is very important and has to be implemented before we release version 0.3.

That is all for now!

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