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Re: help, I can not send the patch

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: help, I can not send the patch
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2020 17:06:39 -0600

Hello Cindy,

Cindy Lu wrote:
> I'm trying to send the patch to the,

I see that you are a frequent poster to the qemu-devel mailing list.
When I look in the archives the past few months I see many of your
messages successfully delivered there.  Therefore this seems like it
would not be something in either the sending or receiving side as far
as headers go.  Likely something else.  Perhaps in the content of the

> but it seems it's always fail
> I got a reply message like this:
> Your message hasn't been delivered yet
> ====================================================
> The message you sent to hasn't been delivered
> yet due to: Recipient server unavailable or busy.
> We'll let you know if we can't deliver it successfully.

It was apparently a temporary condition.  The details of the status
notification are vague.  But not a permanent condition or it would
have been a bounce.  It is retrying.  Therefore it is a temporary

Temporary conditions might be things such as grey listing but you have
posted many times and must be past the grey listing stage.  It might
be a network failure during DNS lookup, but again your mail here is
working and that would be unlikely to cause a repeating failure.  It
might be a full disk, but other mail is being processed.

How large is this patch?  What is the message size of it?

Is it perhaps a very large message size with that patch?  Does the
mail need to base64 encode the contents thereby increasing the size of
it further?  If the message is below the maximum allowed size but
still larger than there is spool space available then that would be
one possible temporary condition preventing mail transfer.  Without
the Message-Id so that Ian would be able to look the message up in the
logs it is hard to tell.  I am just guessing here.


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