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Re: Proposed syntax for static make-also rule

From: Henning Makholm
Subject: Re: Proposed syntax for static make-also rule
Date: 21 Dec 2002 03:29:21 +0100

Scripsit Greg McGary <address@hidden>

> The backend implementation will work with any frontend syntax.  If you
> don't have your own backend yet, I suggest you have a look at mine.

Hm, what do you mean by "backend"? I just construct an also_make list
in read.c:record_files() if I've seen &: and the rule has commands.
Then I let the existing logic in commands.c and remake.c handle the
actual remaking. (Normally, an also_make list gets constructed and
attached to a target after an implicit rule is found, but if &: rule
with commands has been read, no implicit rule search will be done at
all, so there is no conflict between these two sources).

However, if you have manual patches or test cases I'd like to borrow them.

Henning Makholm                                "Okay, okay, life's a beach."

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