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Re: proposals for new features

From: Bill Cox
Subject: Re: proposals for new features
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 10:24:50 -0700

> - Filenames with spaces. This does not look very difficult.
> - A easier syntax. The syntax of tabs for recipes is awkward in modern
> times. It is confusing for starters. Backward compatibility can be
> preserved with command line options and flags in rules. With this
> change, I would also include executing the lines of a single recipe in
> a single shell invocation. This would make it easier to write recipes
> in alternative languages like Python, Perl or Tcl.

I like all of these very much, and support their implementation.

> - Some mechanism to make it easier to make high level rules, which are
> equivalent to a set of lower level rules, but conceptually close to
> what the developer intends. Something closer to ant. In ant, one
> writes some like:
>   <target name="compile" depends="init"
>         description="compile the source " >
>     <!-- Compile the java code from ${src} into ${build} -->
>     <javac srcdir="${src}" destdir="${build}"/>
>   </target>
>  which is more or less equivalent to
> compile: init
>        javac ....
> Except that javac is not a just command: instead javac is a piece of
> java code that evaluates dependencies dynamically.
>   What I have in mind now is something that allows a target to
> determinate dyncamilly some of its dependencies when called. For
> instance, a builtin variable .MORE_PREREQS that is evaluated to render
> a list of prerequisites at run time

I would need more description before supporting this..

Thanks for your work, Ramon!

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