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Re: Proposals for new features.

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Re: Proposals for new features.
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 19:28:16 -0400

=?UTF-8?Q?Ram=C3=B3n_Garc=C3=ADa?= writes:
 > If Paul agrees, I offer myself to perform this integration. It would
 > be really useful to have debugging facilities in GNU Make. I have also
 > missed debugging complex makefiles.
 > But I need your support. Even if you do not have time for coding, it
 > is necessary that you answer questions about remake. That would save a
 > lot of time, which is limited for me: it is more efficient if you can
 > explain the intention of your code than for me to attempt to figure
 > out.

No problem.

 > In addition, it will be necessary that you sign the copyright
 > assignment papers to make it possible to integrate your code in GNU
 > Make.

Been there done that - many times. See for example GNU
libcdio. bashdb.el was in GNU Emacs for a while, but it wasn't getting
maintained and there wasn't a release of Emacs in the couple of years
that the code was in there. So we asked for that to be pulled.

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