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Re: Last patch reviewed.

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Re: Last patch reviewed.
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 17:47:30 -0400

I wasn't suggesting a lack of dedication or commitment on anyone's
part. Given that it has just been committed to SVN it will be in next
release of GNU Make. And all of this is good too!

My email was in response to your query about why no one noticed. I
think the GNU make alpha mailing list has a very small
distribution. In fact, you probably weren't a member of the mailing
list before working on the project. If no one noticed a missing patch,
a conservative estimate is that no one at this stage tried to apply
it. Even when this gets into SVN, don't be disappointed if few try it.

My own experience has been that except where there is overwhelming
demand, if you want feedback on an idea or new feature, it has to be
easy for folks to try out. Ideally it would be in packaged some way
(such as a Solaris, Debian, FreeBSD/NetBSD RPM package).

Based on the past GNU Make history, I'd guess it will take a year or
two before the next general GNU make release. After the release, it
may be 6 months afterwards before it get into a sizable number of
distributions (for the same reason that GNU Make has to be careful
about things; also, distributions have their own release cycles). And it
might be another 6 months after that before people start using the
feature enough to give feedback. In the grand scheme of things, that's
a small amount of time.

I was offering another route to get the idea out sooner for people to
try. I've personally found that helpful in the past. 

=?UTF-8?Q?Ram=C3=B3n_Garc=C3=ADa?= writes:
 > In case you don't know, this project was developed under a Google
 > Summer of Code grant under the direction of Paul Smith. I think that
 > both he and I are committed to make the efforts necessary to integrate
 > this work.

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