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[SCM] make branch, master, updated. 4.3-102-ge62f4cf

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: [SCM] make branch, master, updated. 4.3-102-ge62f4cf
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 14:28:01 -0500 (EST)

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "make".

The branch, master has been updated
       via  e62f4cf9a2eaf71c0d0102c28280e52e3c169b99 (commit)
       via  116767901f9fc22f837f2830dbd42ad57d70fcb1 (commit)
       via  71eb0a80384617b553546228648f1f1926f43977 (commit)
       via  d9291d09b86228afd547d845460ba5b91577645f (commit)
       via  f3ad5720997461cae87f45cb9d0d09cf24e0e79c (commit)
       via  cefe747e858e47ce5a62e58cddbc19287f7d83ad (commit)
       via  3ecf97d3af0f47800b85edae3ef26d20c0bba2f3 (commit)
       via  21d3865973f0de5af3ca8b0d164f93bcc84a15bf (commit)
       via  29d92d40911aeb517c044d733fc652e7097294e8 (commit)
      from  f8f9d371ff58a7195ca4abc9413f435c2bf2b998 (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit e62f4cf9a2eaf71c0d0102c28280e52e3c169b99
Author: Paul Smith <>
Date:   Sun Nov 28 14:17:55 2021 -0500

    Special-case Windows error results
    * tests/scripts/features/errors: Match Windows-specific errors.
    * tests/scripts/features/targetvars: Match Windows-specific errors.
    * tests/scripts/misc/general4: Match Windows-specific errors.

commit 116767901f9fc22f837f2830dbd42ad57d70fcb1
Author: Paul Smith <>
Date:   Sun Nov 28 09:50:10 2021 -0500

    Convert word, wordlist, and intcmp functions to use long long
    Modify make functions that parse integer values to use long long
    values instead of long: on Windows long is the same as int (4 bytes)
    and we don't want behavior to differ between different platforms.
    * bootstrap.conf: Change strtol module to strtoll module.
    * src/function.c (parse_numeric): Use strtoll() and return long long.
    (func_word): Use long long.
    (func_wordlist): Use long long.  Verify second argument is >= 0.
    (func_intcmp): Use long long.
    * src/config.ami.template: Don't define HAVE_STRTOLL.
    * src/config-vms.template: Define HAVE_STRTOLL.
    * src/config.W32.template: Define HAVE_STRTOLL.
    * tests/ Set $ERR_out_of_range to the proper string.
    * tests/scripts/functions/word: Rework to use the new style and avoid
    TAB characters.  Verify trailing whitespace is ignored.  Add a test
    for a negative second argument to wordlist.  Add tests for max signed
    integer values.  Use $ERR_out_of_range for the error string.
    * tests/scripts/functions/intcmp: Add tests for min and max signed
    integer values.  Use $ERR_out_of_range for the error string.

commit 71eb0a80384617b553546228648f1f1926f43977
Author: Jouke Witteveen <>
Date:   Fri Jul 16 14:04:41 2021 +0200

    Introduce $(intcmp ...) for numerical comparison
    Numbers can come from $(words ...), automatic variables such as
    $(MAKELEVEL), from environment variables, or from shell output such as
    through $(shell expr ...).  The $(intcmp ...) function allows
    conditional evaluation controlled by numerical variables.
    * NEWS: Announce this feature.
    * doc/make.texi (Functions for Conditionals): Document 'intcmp'.
    * src/function.c (func_intcmp): Create the 'intcmp' built-in function.
    * tests/scripts/functions/intcmp: Test the 'intcmp' built-in function.

commit d9291d09b86228afd547d845460ba5b91577645f
Author: Jouke Witteveen <>
Date:   Fri Jul 16 14:04:33 2021 +0200

    Use strtol() instead of atoi()
    strtol() is part of C89 and a fallback is provided by gnulib.
    * src/function.c (func_word, func_wordlist): Change atoi to strtol.
    * test/scripts/functions/word: Add out-of-range verification testing.

commit f3ad5720997461cae87f45cb9d0d09cf24e0e79c
Author: Jouke Witteveen <>
Date:   Fri Jul 16 14:04:22 2021 +0200

    * src/makeint.h: Removed unused atol declaration

commit cefe747e858e47ce5a62e58cddbc19287f7d83ad
Author: Paul Smith <>
Date:   Sat Nov 27 15:08:56 2021 -0500

    * src/implicit.c (pattern_search): Fix text for easier translation.

commit 3ecf97d3af0f47800b85edae3ef26d20c0bba2f3
Author: Paul Smith <>
Date:   Sat Nov 27 21:57:37 2021 -0500

    [SV 48643] Update the implicit rule search docs
    * NEWS: Announce the change.
    * doc/make.texi (Implicit Rule Search): Update the definition of
    "ought to exist" and add the extra step for compatibility mode.

commit 21d3865973f0de5af3ca8b0d164f93bcc84a15bf
Author: Dmitry Goncharov <>
Date:   Sat Nov 27 22:00:05 2021 -0500

    [SV 48643] Enhance "ought to exist" definition
    The traditional definition of "ought to exist" in the user's manual can
    lead to make choosing a poor series of chained implicit rules.  Modify
    that rule so that we first attempt to resolve implicit rules by
    considering targets which are only (a) targets or (b) explicit
    prerequisites of the current target.
    For backward-compatibility, if we don't find a solution using that
    algorithm use the previous definition where "ought to exist" means
    "mentioned as a prerequisite of any target".
    * src/implicit.c (pattern_search): An extra argument controls whether
    to perform the backward-compatible rule search or not.  If a prereq is
    a target, or if it's a prerequisite of THIS target, then choose it.
    If we get to the end and haven't found a match, but we have found a
    potential compatibility rule, then retry with compat rules enabled.
    If we're searching with compat rules enabled and we find a file
    mentioned as a prerequisite of ANY target, then use it.
    * tests/features/implicit_search: Provide a large suite of tests for
    different steps of implicit rule search.

commit 29d92d40911aeb517c044d733fc652e7097294e8
Author: Paul Smith <>
Date:   Sat Nov 27 14:03:44 2021 -0500

    tests: Enhance output to contain filename/line number info
    * tests/scripts/options/dash-I: Use string comparison operator.
    * tests/ (cmd2str): New method to convert a
    command line to a string with proper quoting.
    * tests/ (create_command): Call cmd2str() to format
    the command.  Add the filename/line number to the output.


Summary of changes:
 NEWS                                   |  12 +
 bootstrap.conf                         |   1 +
 doc/make.texi                          |  49 +++-
 src/config.ami.template                |   3 +
 src/config.h-vms.template              |   3 +
 src/config.h.W32.template              |   3 +
 src/function.c                         | 118 ++++++---
 src/implicit.c                         | 110 ++++++---
 src/makeint.h                          |   6 +-
 tests/                |  26 +-
 tests/scripts/features/errors          |  27 ++-
 tests/scripts/features/implicit_search | 427 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 tests/scripts/features/targetvars      |  11 +-
 tests/scripts/functions/intcmp         |  60 +++++
 tests/scripts/functions/word           |  86 ++++---
 tests/scripts/misc/general4            |  22 +-
 tests/scripts/options/dash-I           |   2 +-
 tests/                   |  31 ++-
 18 files changed, 871 insertions(+), 126 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 tests/scripts/features/implicit_search
 create mode 100644 tests/scripts/functions/intcmp


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