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RE: Shell commands in makefile not working (running Windows XP)

From: Scott Merz
Subject: RE: Shell commands in makefile not working (running Windows XP)
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 08:53:09 -0700

Invoking the shell command the way you suggested causes the following error to be generated by the makefile:


Unhandled exception filter called from program make

ExceptionCode = c0000005

ExceptionFlags = 0

ExceptionAddress = 41c15a

Access violation: read operation at address 13a825ff


This implies to me that the reason shell is failing could be dependent upon the cmd.exe windows XP shell interpreter. There is no sh.exe anywhere on my computer, or anywhere in the path name.



Eli wrote:


You probably have a sh.exe somewhere on your PATH.  Try this:


   srcFiles = $(shell cmd.exe /c type srcFiles.txt)


Morale: on a DOS/Windows system, never assume that commands that are

built into the Windows shell can be run without invoking that shell



Btw, if your batch file produces the list of file names, why do you

need to go thru a temporary file srcFiles.txt instead of catching the

output of the batch file directly.  E.g., doesn't the following work

for you:


  srcFiles = $(shell cmd.exe /c NMAKE-BuildUtilityScript.bat)


?  (I'm assuming that the batch file can be modified to print the

list of file names to the standard output instead of a file.)

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