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Re: gnumake for intel Itanium2 64bit

From: J. Grant
Subject: Re: gnumake for intel Itanium2 64bit
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2004 00:04:11 +0000
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Hello bilal khawaja,

I am working on Intel itanium2 (64bit) on windows 2003 server and i
have the gnumake.exe.and i Installing Oracle Application 11i. it's
pre-req is gnumake but it's unable to find the gnumake file. i think
it's make me 64bit issues. Because all things are working fine on 32
bit system when i do this.
i am using gnumake.exe version 2.

That is very old, I think you may have accidentally got the version
number mixed up.  The current release is v3.80

so can u help me what version will be resolve this issues, and from where i can get it.
 Waiting for ur reply

You could ask Oracle for the 64bit build, or your OS vendor.  Alternatively
you could download the source code and build with either MinGW or an MS
compiler (if you have one).

Kind regards

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